peter-john-lame-manThis week’s personal Bible study shows that the church was unstoppable despite opposition.  It will cover chapters 3 and 4 and the beginning of 5. If you’ve downloaded the Clear Water Church app, you can open the Bible icon and go to Acts to listen to an audio recording of these chapters. Then go back to the written text to answer the Bible study questions. Open and print Acts Week 3.

Sunday’s sermon on April 26 will come from this section of Scripture and specifically address Peter healing a crippled man in chapter 3.

You can access all previous weeks’ studies from our website or app.  April’s memory verse is in both places as well.

Personal Bible Study

Pentecost001We’re into week two of our study of The Acts of the Apostles. Open and print this week’s personal Bible study. You’ll see who replaces Judas Iscariot as the twelfth apostle and what happens when the promise Jesus foretells comes to the disciples in Jerusalem. What was the significance then and what’s the significance for you today? Open and print the study here:  Acts Week 2.

You can access all previous weeks’ studies from our website or app. April’s memory verse, Acts 1:8, is in both places as well.

Preparing for Acts

Personal Bible study
Take Bible reading to the next level. We’re pleased to provide a personal, weekly Bible study for you, thanks to Kris Mulholland, to match the new sermon series on Acts. Find each week’s personal study on our app or website. Week 1 begins today. Open and print to prepare for the first sermon on Acts next Sunday.
Acts Prologue
Acts Week 1

Potluck this Sunday, April 12, right after church.  Bring lots of food to share:  A-L main dish, M-Z side or salad.  Thanks!

Holy Week

Today, Palm Sunday begins Holy Week.  The following passages cover the events of the crossTriumphal Entry, Last Supper, betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection of our Messiah:

  • Matthew 21, 26-28
  • Mark 11, 14-16
  • Luke 19, 22-24
  • John 12-20

Take time this week to read from one of the Gospels to reflect on the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This Good Friday is the Seder dinner at Begich Middle School, and Resurrection Sunday is April 5th.

Also, save the date!  Free tire change over is April 19 (for rimmed tires only).

Good Friday Seder Dinner

Join us this Good Friday for a Seder Dinner to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ that opened eternal life for all who believe.  Seder is an ancient Jewish tradition commemorating the Israelites’ miraculous deliverance from Egyptian bondage. The meal centers around the Passover lamb.  We will partake of this full meal, noting its many references to Jesus Christ – the ultimate Lamb of God.

Time: April 3, from 6:30-8:30pm.  Location: BSederegich Middle School.  Cost: $9 per individual or $20 per family

Purchase tickets to Seder Dinner here.

Seder Dinner Menu:
Artisan green salad with dates, pecans, goat cheese, & balsamic vinaigrette dressing
Green beans with toasted almonds
Pita bread with hummus
Roast leg of lamb
Mediterranean couscous
Seedless grapes and slice oranges for dessert

Welcome Jason Ellis this Sunday, March 8

Ellis FamilyWe’re excited to introduce our new worship pastor–Jason Ellis. Jason will lead us in singing this Sunday. He and his wife Claire will be visiting just for the weekend but moving up from Tennessee this summer.Storytellers Road

Jason has a lot of experience as a musician and worship leader. He’s looking forward to partnering with us. You can check out his album on iTunes called The Storyteller’s Road.

Spring ahead 1 hour
Daylight savings time is this weekend.  Don’t forget to set those clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night.


Positive Press

Clear Water in the Newspaper
Check out the recent ADN article about Clear Water Church: School buildings help young churches focus on services, not costs.

Hockey Fun
IMG_0111 croppedOn Saturday, February 21, we held the first annual hockey tournament with Chugach Covenant Church.  Many came out to Cheney Lake despite the drizzle to enjoy hot dogs, hot drinks and skating.  From novices to college experienced players, all levels of hockey were in action.  Go to our Facebook page to see all the photos.

Wendler Conferences
tableWe made a presence at the student conferences on February 19 handing out our water bottles and giving away The Case for Easter booklets by Lee Strobel, not to mention providing the teacher dinner that day.  Faculty, staff and families are becoming more aware of who we are and that we hold worship services here every Sunday.

First Prayer Meeting

Seek GodOur first all-church prayer meeting is this Sunday, February 15, 6 PM, at Wendler Middle School. This will kick off 40 days of prayer during Lent, which runs February 18-March 29. We are using the Seek God for the City 2015 prayer guide. By the way, there is also a Seek God for the City 2015 app, which you can download for $0.99.

We’ll begin a six-week Sunday series February 22 covering the following topics:  revival, awakening, transformation, evangelization, and visitation of the King.

New journey groups are popping up for a six-week study on prayer. Pick up a directory this Sunday.

Daily Bible Reading & Community Service

Bible Reading
BibleA great feature of our new app is the daily Bible reading plan. It features many Bible versions–a most note-worthy one being the audio version. A couple of recent studies show that Scripture reflection is the number one way to grow spiritually. If you find it challenging to make time for daily Bible reading, listen to the audio version as you get ready for work or are driving around town. As God’s Word pours into your mind let it transform your thinking, emotions, and will.

Community Service
mathWe’ve been serving Wendler Middle School through tangible gifts such as the back-to-school drive, Christmas gift collection for families in need, and a teacher’s lunch. We also have an opportunity to serve with our time–either once a week or one to two times per month–tutoring students in math during homeroom or lunch. Contact Kevin Sullivan at 263-3835 or sullivan_kevin@asdk12.org to sign up and get more details.

Clear Water Church App

1185-BAJA-3-App-Creator-1600New App
We’re excited to introduce our very own app. You’ll find easy access to sermons, the monthly memory verse, online giving, upcoming events, multiple Bible versions and a daily Bible reading plan. Download it for free on Android or Apple products.

Memory Verse Challenge this Sunday
Get ready to recite John 1:14 & 17.
The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.  We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.  For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

The Story
This Sunday we’re covering chapter 29 in The Story about Paul’s missionary journeys.